Time to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When it comes to investing, would you rather be comfortable, or successful?

Adam Butler, CFA, CAIA
Adam Butler is Chief Investment Officer of ReSolve Asset Management, sub-advisor to an alternative allocation strategy at Rational Funds. He manages ETF and futures based strategies including a global risk parity ETF, two Adaptive Asset Allocation funds, and a multi-strategy hedge fund. Adam is also author of the book Adaptive Asset Allocation: Dynamic Global Portfolios to Profit in Good Times and is ranked in the top 1% of authors by paper downloads on SSRN. He has authored over a dozen papers and dozens of articles on asset allocation; factor investing; quantitative methods; and portfolio optimization. Adam holds both CFA and CAIA charters and appears on BNN Bloomberg and CNBC.

When your clients think about risk they most often recall or imagine losing money or enduring volatile markets. You, as an advisor, however, have to widen your perspective on risk to include your clients’ feelings about their investments, and the potential decisions they may make as a result.

Your clients’ greatest risk is the probability they won’t meet their financial goals – it rests upon you, their advisor, to minimize this risk. How do you do that? What actions, what decisions, what conversations are required in order for you, as an advisor, to minimize the possibility that your clients won’t achieve their objectives?

Here, in this podcast episode, we take a deep dive into this dilemma, which may change some of your perspectives about how to tackle market risks as well as the key risk facing your clients and by proxy you, and to shed some light on how to overcome and succeed.

Podcast series re-posted with permission from Resolve Asset Management.  Click here to see the original post.