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Podcast: Davos Talks Climate Change

In this week’s podcast, Simon Lack discusses climate change news from Davos.

Despite Record Shorts, Gold Prices are Marching Higher

The most recent Commitment of Traders (CoT) report showed gold hedgers with their second largest short position on record, on the heels of their largest short position the week prior. Despite this fact, gold prices are marching higher, even in the face of a strong equity market.

Energy Strengthens U.S. Foreign Policy

“Let us set as our national goal, in the spirit of Apollo, with the determination of the Manhattan Project, that by the end of...

Its Iran’s Move

If one thing’s clear about recent developments in the Middle East, it’s that events defy prediction. Yet timing trades in the energy sector requires...

Stocks Have Been Cheaper

We’ve been using the Equity Risk Premium (ERP) as a measure of the relative attractiveness of stocks for many years. The ERP is the...

Looking Back on 2019

Our twice-weekly blog saw a 30% increase in pageviews during 2019, along with a healthy jump in subscribers. It’s reposted across several other websites,...

Market Trends & Outlook

Agency RMBS Income Strategist Comments on Whether the Fed is Done for Now with...

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) recently held its last meeting of 2019, and the first meeting since June where it did not...

Will the Low Cost, Passive Equity Trade Unwind in the 2020’s?

Clients should understand that the 2020’s may be another lost decade for equities, and passive strategies may prove to be underperformers.


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Looking Under the Hood of Structured Annuities Pricing and Construction

Structured annuities are a category within annuities that have gone from zero to $12 billion dollars in annual issuance over the last nine years. Structured annuities are also known as buffered annuities, indexed variable annuities, and index-linked variable annuities.