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Feature Articles

Leverage Wipes Out Investor’s Bet on Enlink

Managers of client capital invested in midstream energy infrastructure have had to explain recent weak performance to investors frustrated at missing out on the...

Should Closed End Funds Use Leverage?

Closed end funds (CEFs) are an obscure sector of the market with a small but fiercely passionate following. Because they have a fixed share...

Brand Investor Discusses the Five Most Important Investment Themes for the...

As a thematic investor, my job is to identify the most important and prevalent trends here and around the world to invest in through the leaders or “brands” that are most relevant. When I look at the world currently and into the future, here’s the most important investment themes an investor can invest in today.

Gold’s Recent Sell-Off: Fast and Sharp

Gold bugs have had quite a year so far. After years of consolidation, the price of gold moved over 20% from January 1, 2019 to its peak in early September. Most of those gains have stayed. However, during the past seven trading days, gold has fallen 4.8%.

When Will MLPs Recover?

Our blog topics are often informed by the subjects that come up in conversations with clients. October was a wrenching month, with the Alerian...

Natural Gas Profits Remain Elusive

Coal is by any measure an environmental and climate disaster. The world relies on coal in various forms for 27% of its primary energy,...

Market Trends & Outlook

Portfolio Manager Discusses Why Corn Prices Showing Weakness Even with the Trade Deal Being...

Trade talk updates between the U.S. and China have had agriculture prices bouncing up and down lately. Much of the news has been focused around soybean purchases, which pull corn prices up temporarily. However, the gains have not been able to hold, nonetheless.

An Impeachment Probe, Drone-Attacks, and Other Factors Influencing Oil Supply and Pricing

Portfolio Manager Kimberly Rios Interviews Phil Flynn, a Fox Business news contributor and Sr. Energy Analyst from Price Futures group, to discuss the recent oil events and price action.

Despite Oil’s Record Price Advance Following the Saudi Oil Attack, the Charts Look Neutral

As you’ve read and seen already, Saturday’s attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, including a processing plant, is the largest disruption to oil supply that the markets and world have seen in recent times.


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Economic Insights

Investment Strategy Insights

Improving an Investor’s Managed Futures Strategy

There’s no denying that managed futures mutual funds have underwhelmed recently. There are two major reasons for this recent performance...

Tactical Investing: The Surprising Fragility of Simplicity

In 2012, Andrew Haldane – currently Chief Economist and the Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics at the Bank of England – delivered a speech to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual Jackson Hole, Wyoming meeting titled, “The Dog and the Frisbee.”

Boosting Managed Futures Returns: Putting Cash to Work

The beginning of the 21st century in investing has witnessed two significant market crashes, including the tech bubble crash and the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. It should surprise no one that up until March 2009, managed futures trounced the returns of both stocks and bonds.

Using Option Duration to Mitigate Market Volatility

Historically, scheduled releases of market-impacting news, such as Federal Reserve meetings, quarterly earnings announcements, and other “known-unknowns” presented pre-determined times where stock market volatility might increase.