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Despite Oil’s Record Price Advance Following the Saudi Oil Attack, the...

As you’ve read and seen already, Saturday’s attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, including a processing plant, is the largest disruption to oil supply that the markets and world have seen in recent times.

IPO of the Week: Store Capital

Founded in 2011, STORE Capital is an internally managed net-lease real estate investment fund (or REIT) in the acquisition, investment and management of Single Tenant Operation Real Estate (or STORE Properties).

Saturday`s Attack Is A Game Changer

Early analysis of the twin attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure has focused on the length and severity of supply disruption. 5.7 Million Barrels...

America Offers Safer Energy

Saturday’s surprise attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abaqaiq oil facility in Buqyaq has sent crude oil prices sharply higher. There are estimates of up to...

Momentum Crash Supports Pipeline Sector

Breaking News — Drone attack disables Saudi crude ouput Although we don’t normally highlight the favorable geopolitics of U.S. midstream energy infrastructure, this news does...

MLPs: Five Years On, Cheaper Than Ever

The end of August was the five year anniversary of the peak in MLPs. Had it not been for the distraction caused last week...

Market Trends & Outlook

Who will Benefit from Negative Rates in the U.S.?

Once upon a time, it was inconceivable to contemplate the notion of negative interest rates in the U.S. It was laughable even.

Value Brands May Present Short-Term Opportunity Versus Growth Brands

I don’t remember a time when the macro environment has received as much attention as it does today. Perhaps this is understandable given how weak global economic data has been and how much money has flowed into negatively yielding bonds.

Portfolio Manager Discusses Price Target for Oil’s Descending Triangle

Even after crude oil’s reported reserves draw of over 10-million barrels (mb) reported when estimates were near 2 mb, the price of oil has still not been able to hold a substantial rally.


Technology & Investing

Economic Insights

Investment Strategy Insights

Why Financial Advisors Need to Understand ESG!

More and more, investors are starting to ask the question: What type of companies am I investing in and how are they helping or hurting the environment, society, and the issues that I care about?

Time to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When it comes to investing, would you rather be comfortable, or successful?

Investment Wisdom Podcast – Day 12 of 12

The Lords of finance have somehow convinced investors that “simple” always beats “complex” in markets. But this is rubbish.

Investment Wisdom Podcast – Day 11 of 12

The Lords of finance have somehow convinced investors that “simple” always beats “complex” in markets. But this is rubbish.



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