Liquid Alternatives: A Masterclass in Due Diligence and Selection

Unveiling key insights to help you optimize your liquid alternative strategy line up

We are living through one of the great Ages of Uncertainty. Times like these demand new and complementary approaches to investing in order to succeed.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Equity vs margin-based alternative strategy selection
  • The 3 biggest allocator mistakes during manager due diligence
  • The 5 steps to exceptional manager due diligence
  • Maximizing capital efficiency when funding your alternative manager sleeve
  • How to sidestep the single largest risk to manager allocations
Adam Butler, CFA, CAIA
Adam Butler is Chief Investment Officer of ReSolve Asset Management, sub-advisor to an alternative allocation strategy at Rational Funds. He manages ETF and futures based strategies including a global risk parity ETF, two Adaptive Asset Allocation funds, and a multi-strategy hedge fund. Adam is also author of the book Adaptive Asset Allocation: Dynamic Global Portfolios to Profit in Good Times and is ranked in the top 1% of authors by paper downloads on SSRN. He has authored over a dozen papers and dozens of articles on asset allocation; factor investing; quantitative methods; and portfolio optimization. Adam holds both CFA and CAIA charters and appears on BNN Bloomberg and CNBC.