Should investors be thinking about floating rate as an all-weather fixed income allocation?

Floating-Rate Bank Loans can potentially enhance a portfolio’s returns, while offering investors access to markets that are not contained in traditional fixed income investments.

Stan Sokolowski, Senior Portfolio Manager
Stan Sokolowski is Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager and Deputy CIO at CIFC Investment Management LLC, a sub-advisor to Catalyst Funds. He is Senior Portfolio Manager of a floating rate income strategy at Catalyst Funds. Mr. Sokolowski has 28 years of credit, portfolio management, and trading experience. He is a lead portfolio manager and member of the CIFC’s Investment Committee. Mr. Sokolowski has a broad range of investment management skills and experience in private and public credit markets. He has invested and traded across the spectrum of credit, including high yield to investment grade as well as distressed and stressed credit, fixed and floating rate instruments, bonds, loans, CDS and index products. Mr. Sokolowski completed Chemical Bank’s MBA Capital Markets and Credit Training Program in 1994 and holds a B.A. in Finance from Michigan State University.