IPO of the Week: Zscaler


Company Description


Incorporated in 2007 as SafeChannel, Zscaler is a cloud security company headquartered in San Jose, California. Zscaler offers a cloud platform, together with related support services to provide privacy and security for both internal and external network connections.

Business Model

Zscaler adopts a SaaS model and derives revenue primarily from sales of subscription services to its cloud platform and related support services. The company also derives a portion of revenue from government organization contracts.

IPO History

On 3/16/2018, Zscaler began trading on Nasdaq Global Selected Market. The IPO was led by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Zscaler priced IPO shares at $16.00 per share, above its boosted range of $13.00 to $15.00/share. With a full subscription of the upsized 12 million shares of its common stock and 15% over-allotment option fully exercised, Zscaler was valued at $1.91 billion at offer. Zscaler opened at $27.50/share, a 71.88% surge from its offer price, and closed the first day at $33.0/share, a 106.25% initial return. Zscaler was included in the IPOX® 100 U.S. Portfolio on 12/21/2018 and currently weighs approximately 0.64% of the portfolio.

Historical Performance

Growth Outlook

Industry Comparison

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