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ETF Month Program Schedule

ETF Month Week 3 Video: September 21, The Bifurcation of the ETF Industry
Why Paying Attention to Smaller ETF Players is Key to Staying on Cutting Edge of the Industry

ETF and Mutual Fund Industry veteran Matt Patterson discusses the bifercation that we’ve seen in the ETF industry over the past 15 years. Most FAs know the largest ETF sponsors by name: Ishares, State Street, Vanguard, and Invesco, who receive the lion’s share of the AUM going into ETFs, but Matt is quick to point out they offer vanilla products that focus on cost over quality. The rest of the players, though smaller are more innovative with new thematic ideas like crypto, cannibas, and more. The bottom line for FA’s looking to ETFs, you can’t stay on the cutting edge of the Industry if you don’t pay attention to the smaller ETF players. Matt points out that if FA’s want to invest in the cutting edge of the ETF industry, they need to pay attention to what the smaller ETF providers are doing.

ETF Month Week 2 Video: September 14, Ecological Investing: The intent, methodologies and sustainability of ecological investing
What is ESG (Environmental Social Governance) investing and should it be a no-brainer for investment portfolios?

Watch an ESG Investing overview from Matt Tuttle, portfolio manager of an ecologically-focused ETF for Strategy Shares and is the CIO of Tuttle Tactical Management.

Matt will discuss:

  • His experience with ESG investing becoming more and more popular with investors who are starting to ask the question: what types of companies am I invested in and what are the companies in my portfolio doing? Some investors are concerned with putting their money where their values are and seeking out companies that are environmentally friendly, focused on ESG factors through policies in some way shape or form.
  • Portfolio Managers will be forced to start looking for companies more focused on ESG factors.
  • Will people be willing to pay a premium for ESG? Putting your money where your values are.
  • And finally, Matt will discuss his tactical approach to investing in environmentally focused stocks.

ETF Month Week 1 Video: September 7, WHAT IS AN ETF?
What has propelled this industry to nearly $4trillion in AUM in under 30 years?

ETF and Mutual Fund Industry veteran Matt Patterson tackles some of the most common questions about ETFs and how advisors can quickly explain ETFs to their clients. In this segment, Matt defines ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and goes on to give his own acronym for explaining how ETFs work — Efficient Transparent and Flexible. He will also compare and contrast ETFs to Mutual Funds.

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